Procreate Icon Stamps

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Set of 15 hand drawn icon stamp brushes! These are perfect for adding to your visual notes, lettering, and other illustration projects in Procreate. You can use these in any color or opacity, and they can be resized to best fit your art. Stamp brushes allow you to add images to your projects in Procreate with one tap of your stylus...pretty amazing.

Let's talk about what's included in this bundle!! You'll get the following stamp brushes:

  • 3 x Bullets
  • 3 x Banners
  • 3 x Map Icon
  • 3 x Computer Icon
  • 3 x Cloud Icon

Your purchase includes 1 .brushset file containing 15 Procreate icon stamp brushes.

These brushes will ONLY work in the procreate app, version 4.1 or higher. These stamps are not pressure sensitive, so you can use an apple pencil, or even your finger!

Please note that you will get an email with your downloadable file. Open this email on your iPad and download the brush pack to your "files" (this is a built in app on iPads). Then go to your files app and click on the "illumistories_Icon_StampsJan21.brushset" file. It should automatically import to Procreate. Open Procreate, and you'll find the icon stamps in your brush folders (the one with the little paintbrush icon). Enjoy!


This is a digital file for download. No physical item will be shipped. Due to the immediate download nature of this product, no refunds will be issued.


These are digital brushes which will only work in the Procreate App for iPad & iPad Pro. They will not work in Photoshop or any other software applications.


  • 15 brushes in a .brushfile format
  • 15 individual icon stamp brush files
  • 1 video with step-by-step instructions on how to download the icon stamps


I encourage you to use these icon stamps in your personal projects. You're welcome to use them for client work as long as you’re adding your own content and not just upanama08sing the icon stamps in isolation (aka not selling the icon stamps). To help answer any lingering questions about usage, I’ve broken it down to what’s allowed/not allowed under this license:

  • You are allowed to use the icon stamp brushes for personal projects, visual notes (personal and for client work).
  • You are allowed to use the icons in your social media posts, your website, your visual notes, etc. I want you to use these as a tool to add to your projects.

Pretty straight forward right?? Here’s what’s not cool:

  • You are not allowed to sell the brush file itself. No brainer here.
  • You are not allowed to take ownership for the icons and promote them as your own drawings. Attribution is encouraged when using the icons. Share the love.
  • You are not allowed to embed the brush file as a resource for your own products. Icons cannot be used as a library inside another tool, platform or application. You can encourage your network to get their own icon stamp pack from my site!
  • You are not allowed to convert illustrations to vector graphics and sell them as a product. Again, don’t take ownership for artwork that’s not yours. Good overall practice here.
  • You are not allowed to resell, share, re-distribute or otherwise transfer the downloaded brush file to other 3rd parties.
  • You are not allowed to modify downloaded digital brushes and to use them as new digital brushes. I encourage you to make your own brushes!
  • You are not allowed to convert illustrations and digital brushes to other formats and sell them as new brushes to other software providers. I just have to cover all my bases and appreciate you respecting my license agreement because I’m primarily excited for you to use these icon stamps (in the correct way)!!!
  • This license is valid perpetually
  • This license is valid worldwide

Thank you so much for your support! I’m so excited to see what you make with them! 

My goal is to create a digital icon library that I can share with all of you. Use these stamps to help you in your drawing practice, as quick additions to your templates/notes/digital projects, as images to spruce up your social media posts, the opportunities are endless!

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15 Hand Drawn Procreate Icon Stamps

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Procreate Icon Stamps

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